We are acutely aware that we can only ever be as good as the staff that we employ. Most of our Engineers and Support Staff have been with us, on average, for at least ten years, and some for much longer and we believe that this is testament to the value and respect that we place in our Staff; along with the quality and variety of work that they enjoy. Our Staff are fully conversant with the firm's design policy, standards and quality procedures. Clients often comment favourably on the benefits of working with the same engineers on successive projects.

Regardless of the office where individuals are located, we consider all of our Staff as one collective team. This allows us to provide effective support across offices and the deployment of the most appropriate individual against any specific task. This "single team" approach ensures that we always offer the best support to all of our Clients and to all of our Projects.

Name: Charles Pearson
Location: Wirral
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Name: Edward Perks
Location: Leeds
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Name: Roland Thomas
Location: Wirral & London
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