Following the recent launch of our new Website in December 2008 - an updated note is long overdue - we are well on our way through the first quarter of the year; a year which will necessitate a lot of focussed, hard work. From speaking to many of our colleagues and reading the industry journals it is clear that the realities of the present economic conditions are tangible to most. In Bromborough, we are immensely grateful to some our long standing clients who are managing to furnish us with a diverse range of project work. The mixture of work includes the implementation of planned preventative maintenance contracts; plant, equipment and system upgrades and replacements and the programming and cost planning of future capital works. Like many, we have a variety of projects that are on hold and we look forward to the moment when confidence returns and some really exciting opportunities come back on line. We will update you with progress from our other offices over the coming months along with any other points of interest or note. Our best wishes to all, Roland

Author: Roland Thomas
Location: Wirral & London
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