EnvironmentaL POLICY

We are acutely aware of the importance and impact our business has on the environment. We have always endeavoured to identify low energy engineering solutions and for many years we have been at the forefront of innovative design and have been responsible for the design of a number of exemplar buildings throughout the UK. We always seek to influence and inform the design process at the earliest time to limit the environmental impact of the Project and to optimise sustainability.

Design Principles

We continue to develop designs for buildings and building systems that aim to meet a number ofkey principles.

  • To work closely with the Client and design team in a collaborative manner to develop designs that are responsible to the environment.
  • To use our expertise in informing the team of the key environmental principles.
  • To use analysis and simulation to the best of our abilities to understand how buildings work.
  • To design systems to meet the clients requirements and to be efficient in their energy use.
  • We take into account the relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • We ensure our specifications exclude the use of damaging or deleterious materials.
  • We inform our Clients of important environmental decisions and highlight the implications of such decisions on their expectations. We produce reports at key stages to ensure the Client is fully informed.
  • We produce clear and detailed specifications and drawings to ensure that the contractor is fully informed as to the design intent.
  • During the construction period we visit site to monitor the installation progress.
  • At the end of the project we visit the Client for feedback purposes and to advise on any appropriate actions.
  • We share our experiences and expertise across the firm as a whole by carrying out design reviews and sharing technical information and resources.
  • We ensure that our staff is kept up to date with the latest technological advancements and legislation.

Business Operations

  • We understand that the way we work does have an impact on the environment. As such we try to reduce the impact by operating in a responsible manner.
  • We try to limit the use of car and air transport, by limiting journeys and using alternative modes where possible.
  • We are in the process of developing a project impact schedule so that we will be able to monitor the environmental impact of our working processes.
  • We recycle all our waste paper through segregation from other waste.
  • We provide cycle facilities for staff, including shower facilities.
  • We review our environmental procedures on a regular basis to ensure that we continue to improve.