Cost Management of Engineering Services Installations

We understand that the cost of the Mechanical and Electrical Building Services elements for many projects can account for well in excess of 30% of the total capital cost of construction. In recognition of this and of the need to understand and manage these costs, we carry dedicated, in-house M&E Cost Management expertise.

These skills are regularly drawn upon in-house as a matter of course to review and monitor design development with a view to identifying the most economical and efficient engineering solutions and designs which helps us to deliver optimum value for the Client.

This expertise can allow us to provide early support and advice as to the likely cost impact of the engineering services and of any renewable energy options. The provision of "Renewables" can introduce a considerable cost burden to any Project and it is essential that accurate, informed allowance is included in the Cost Plan at the earliest stages of design development.

We offer a range of Services dedicated to the Procurement and Cost Management of Engineering Services:-

  • Procurement advice
  • Estimation of Cost
  • Cost Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Procurement & Administration of Operating & Maintenance Contract Works
  • Post Contract Valuation Services
  • Fire Damage Evaluation