Building Services and Environmental Design

The firm was founded with the objective of bringing a higher calibre of engineering to the field of building services than was generally available. We have never deviated from that objective, and the prosperity of the firm over the best part of a century has relied on our continuing determination to provide the quality of engineering appropriate to the architectural aspirations for the buildings.

We always welcome the earliest involvement in any Project. This allows us to obtain a clear understanding of Client and Project goals and also to inform the design process at the earliest time.

Most Clients demand facilities that are low-energy in use and expect that due consideration is given to appropriate and economically viable renewable energy sources. Through our early involvement, and in consultation with other members of the design team, we look to appraise the appropriate methods of servicing the building and take into account the renewable options.

We always seek to deliver solutions that are low energy through design and seek to inform other aspects of the design by taking into account elements including building construction, form and orientation; thermal mass; solar shading and the extent of fenestration All such elements can greatly impact the internal environment and can be designed and integrated to reduce the extent of mechanical heating and cooling that is to be provided which in turn reduces primary energy use and cost.

We pride ourselves upon providing attention to detail in design. We consider that the success of many of our Projects has been largely attributable to the development of detailed design proposals, at tender stage. This removes considerable uncertainty post-contract and can reduce the risk of claims for disruption, delay or additional cost that can so often be brought about through inadequate design proposals at tender stage and the consequential need for the late development of solutions whilst the Works are on site.

At all times, we develop design solutions and provide installations that can be readily understood and managed by the building owner and occupants. One of the greatest failings that may be attributed to engineering services is the provision of overly complex systems and controls that, through over-complication in design, end up being overridden, misunderstood or plainly discarded to the detriment of performance of the building. There is clearly no benefit to owner or occupier if the engineering services cannot be properly and easily managed and operated.